Crossword Puzzle - November 2020 MindGames


November 2020 Crossword Puzzle

1. An extremely lowered car, either for performance or appearance is
2. Automotive parts that are not original equipment
3. Rubber pieces covering CV joints
4. The system of components that generates power and transmits it to a vehicle's wheels
5. Renewable fuel made from various plant materials
6. A vehicle with numerous, recurring defects, found after purchase
7. Safety devices mandated for all new U.S. vehicles starting in 1968
8. Pivoting component to which front wheel hubs are attached; also things that bleed when scraped
9. Price you're unlikely to pay, AKA sticker (1,1,1,1)
10. Fancy name for used
11. Florida's January 24hour race location
12. The T in Variable Valve ______
13. Roots and twinscrew are types of these
14. Combined transmission and differentialdrive axle assembly
15. The pedal to the left with a manual transmission
16. One of two drivers to win F1, IndyCar, NASCAR and World SportCar Championship races
17. Doc Brown's time machine
18. Ford's '50s cartruck mashup
19. Maker of The Thing, Jetta and Beetle
20. Discovered vulcanization; his name flies high over sporting events
November 2020 Crossword Puzzle Brainiacs:

Shawn Conel, UAF/CTC Automotive Technology, Fairbanks, AK; Richmond Del Puerto, Sno-Isle Tech Skills Center, Everett, WA; Harold Strickland, Triton High School, Erwin, NC; Elizabeth Arrastia, McFatter Technical College, Davie, FL; Chris Fagan, Waltham Senior High School, Waltham, MA; Morgan Jackson, Okeechobee High School, Okeechobee, FL;Riley Campbell, Olathe Advanced Technical Center, Olathe, KS; Robert Johnson, Monongalia Technical Education Center, Morgantown, WV; Gerald Brinson, Pulaski County Area Technology Center, Somerset, KY; Garrett Roux, Sebastian River High School, Sebastian, FL.

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