September 2022 Crossword Puzzle - Tomorrows Technician


September 2022 Crossword Puzzle Crossword Puzzle

Can you complete the crossword in one sitting? If so, you might be a winner! The winners will be randomly selected from all correct entries each week. Entries must be received by midnight Sunday following each puzzle’s publication. Chances of winning are dependent upon the number of correct entries received. Employees of Babcox Media, Tomorrow’s Technician, sponsors and advertisers are not eligible to enter. Click here to view the contest rules.

1. Tire's internal wire ring
2. Dashboard information sources
3. Timing chain alternative
4. Essential body shop flattening tool
5. What people used before backup cameras
6. Italian manufacturer of sports cars, farm equipment
7. Racing association founded on Florida Beach
8. Force that keeps tires from sliding
9. Electric cars and ICE both rely on this for power
10. President often used to check tread depth
11. Wankal engine configuration
12. Coolant compond Ethylene __________
13. One mile D shaped racetrack, nicknamed The Rock
14. When properly used, keeps little passengers safely buckled in (3,4)
15. Service process of pointing wheels in the optimum direction
16. Handsomest mirror found on sunshade
17. Flag shown when race must be stopped
18. Card proving you passed the driver's test
19. What is charged by some bridges and highways to pay for access andor upkeep?
20. Considered essential new car interior feature; the more the better.

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