New Semester Brings Newly Renovated Kirtland Auto Lab -

New Semester Brings Newly Renovated Kirtland Auto Lab

Kirtland Community College in Roscommon, MI, recently unveiled its newly remodeled auto lab.

Screen Shot 2016-08-23 at 8.13.44 AMKirtland Community College in Roscommon, MI, recently unveiled its newly remodeled auto lab.

From Arielle Breen’s article on the Gaylord Herald Times website:

At least a half a dozen Gaylord students who elected to take classes at Kirtland Community College are finding a newly remodeled auto lab at the Roscommon campus this week.

Sarah Holecheck, Kirtland’s director of public information, said the lab renovation costed about $500,000.

“Previously the lab had been compartmentalized into three or four small areas so there wasn’t a lot of continuity,” Holecheck said. “They will be doing everything start to finish. It could be something (such as) an oil or a break change job, tire balancing and rotation — but then they do get into rebuilding transmissions (and) engines.”

Holecheck said students will be studying in a hands-on style coupled with classroom learning.

She said students have nine different auto lifts as well as additional computer technology.

“The auto technology industry has really taken a turn and it’s a lot more mental and diagnostic before they get to the part of the repair,” Holecheck said. “So, (students have) got to be able to do some critical thinking.”

Click HERE to read the entire article about Kirtland Community College’s new auto lab on the Gaylord Herald Times website.

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