Servicing A Tire Assembly Course Available On T2U -

Servicing A Tire Assembly Course Available On T2U

The approximate course time is 18 – 20 Minutes. This course is sponsored by Coats.

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Properly servicing your future customers’ tires and wheels is essential to preventing customer comebacks and maintaining their satisfaction.

Found exclusively on Tomorrows Technician University, In this course you will learn how to demount a tire, service the TPMS sensor and rim, mount the new tire, and balance the assembly. We’ll cover how to properly service the wheel assembly while preventing damage and give you some valuable tips to make the service go smoothly and prevent damage to the tire, rim, and yourself.

Topics Include:

  • Demounting a tire
  • Servicing a TPMS Sensor
  • Mounting a tire
  • Balancing a wheel assembly

This course is sponsored by Coats.

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