NASCAR’s Bubba Wallace Teams Up With NABC To Put The Brakes On Distracted Driving

NASCAR star Bubba Wallace, who drives the legendary no. 43 for Richard Petty Motorsports in the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series, is teaming up with the National Auto Body Council (NABC) to put the brakes on distracted driving.

Distracted driving, particularly related to cell phone use, has become one of the most significant factors in vehicle accidents in the U.S. Many states are enacting tough laws banning phone use in the car with stiff fines attached.

Working with Petty Motorsports partners BASF, the official paint of the team, and 3M Automotive Aftermarket Division, Wallace is sharing his tips and advice for reducing distractions on the road, especially for younger drivers.

“I love being on my phone and sharing what I’m doing with my friends, family and followers,” said Wallace. “But as a NASCAR driver, I know that even the slightest distraction that takes your focus off what is in front of you can put you in the wall. When I get in my race car, I take the time to focus my attention and make sure everything is set before I fire up the engine. And it’s the same when I get in my daily drive – I check my directions and set my GPS, line up my music and make sure my phone is put up where I can’t see it and am not tempted to answer it. Your car covers 45 feet in one second at 30 mph – that’s one quick look at your cell phone. We all need to make the effort to put down our phones and put the brakes on distracted driving!”

Wallace, who has spent more than a decade competing in a variety of racing series, offers these tips for staying safe and focused on the road:

  • Don’t answer your phone or check messages while driving. Better yet, turn these devices off when you get into your car or put them in the console.
  • Hands-free technology doesn’t mean accident free – talking on the phone is still a distraction from the road.
  • Never text and drive! Texting takes your eyes and mind off the road and your hands off the wheel.
  • Deal with distractions such as eating, putting on make-up, reading, combing your hair and checking messages before you hit the road.
  • Be well rested before getting behind the wheel. If you are out late and too tired to drive home, sleep over or call a taxi.
  • Ensure you have clear directions to your destination and check them before you leave. Listen to your GPS device; don’t look at it.
  • Adjust the seat, headrest, seatbelt, rearview mirror, climate control, radio, etc., to your liking before you drive – and if you’re driving a rental car, make sure you’re familiar with all the controls in advance.
  • Pull over if you need to make a call, check a message, deal with passengers, eat or drink.
  • Tell everyone that for safety reasons, you no longer answer calls or respond to messages while driving.
  • Ask passengers to keep chatter to a minimum and help you navigate.
  • For young drivers, remind friends that safety comes first – no selfies in the car, seatbelts always in use and no distracting the driver.
  • Install an app on their phone that block texts and phone calls when you are behind the wheel.

“We’re proud to work with our NABC members BASF and 3M and partner with Bubba Wallace on this program,” said Bill Garoutte, president and CEO of the NABC. “When you look at the dangers on the road today, distracted driving has become a critical issue. On-board technology and cell phones take drivers’ attention away from the road in front of them. And advanced safety systems provide a false sense of security. We want to help educate drivers of all ages about the dangers of distracted driving and how to eliminate these distractions behind the wheel.”

Added BASF Director of Marketing Daniel Bihlmeyer, “As a partner with the National Auto Body Council and their Distracted Driving initiative, we are proud to support this program to help educate drivers about being safer on the road. And, as a partner with Richard Petty Motorsports, we couldn’t have a better representative for this program than the driver of the no. 43 Petty Ford – Bubba Wallace.”

“It is so important for everyone, but in particular our younger people, to realize how seconds of distraction can affect your life or someone else’s forever,” said Dale Ross, U.S. marketing operations manager for 3M Automotive Aftermarket Division. “It’s definitely an important message, and we are happy to partner with BASF, NABC and Richard Petty Motorsports and support this initiative.”

Career Featured

3M Joins Collision Repair Education Foundation To Host Career Fair

3M Automotive Aftermarket Division, along with the Collision Repair Education Foundation (CREF), hosted an innovative event at 3M headquarters earlier this week designed to spark the hiring of students in the collision repair industry.

At the “Cars, Careers and Celebrities,” held in the plaza at 3M headquarters, some 30 classic cars were featured along with appearances by well-known Wisconsin car builders, the Ring Brothers. This served as a festive backdrop for a career fair, where more than a dozen collision repair companies had an opportunity to meet hundreds of students who are studying collision repair in high school or technical college.

It is one of roughly 20 career fairs CREF is hosting around the country to help address the critical shortage of skilled labor in the collision repair industry and to help graduating students find gainful employment and a career path for success. 3M is partnering with CREF in all of these events.

“These events are great for students who are graduating in the near future to meet industry employers,” said Dale Ross, U.S. marketing operations manager, 3M Automotive Aftermarket Division. “In addition, these events are great for students just starting out in collision repair as it’s a great motivator for them to stay in the program when they get to see the companies waiting for them after school. It is a tremendous opportunity for them to see the many different career paths in collision repair for students to explore.”

3M Automotive Aftermarket Division has a long partnership with CREF.  It is a leading donor of hundreds of thousands of dollars in product donations each year. It also pioneered the 3M “Hire Our Heroes” program that has contributed more than $750,000 to provide more than 210 scholarships and tool grants to deserving veterans and their families in the collision repair industry over the past four years. In addition, a 3M executive serves on the CREF board of trustees.

Career Featured

3M Automotive Aftermarket Division Offers Commercial Truck Repair Procedures

3M Automotive Aftermarket Division has announced the introduction of Commercial Truck Standard Operating Collision Repair Procedures (SOPs). Along with 3M’s commitment to providing its customers with the “highest performing and most cost-effective products in the marketplace,” these written procedures can help assist the commercial fleet collision shops in delivering consistency within the repair process through development of standardized repair procedures.

“3M is extremely committed to helping fleet collision shops become more productive and profitable by providing outstanding business solution services combined with highly efficient 3M products,” said John Spoto, national heavy duty truck/commercial fleet manager for 3M Automotive Aftermarket Division. “From abrasives, power tools and truck repair specific adhesives, we have the products and the processes designed to meet the shop’s and technician’s production demands. The professional training 3M will provide can deliver a unique consultative approach to help maximize reparability.”

These new SOPs can be found in the “How To” section of under

3M SOPs help teach basic and advanced skills, demonstrate proper techniques and showcase innovative product solutions. The 3M SOPs provide step-by-step guidance through a range of projects to help ensure repairs are done professionally and efficiently.

Topics covered include:

• Aluminum Panel Removal
• Aluminum Panel Installation: Adhesive
• Aluminum Dent Repair
• Composite Panel Removal and Installation
• Back Side Reinforcement (SMC, FRP, Composites)
• Cosmetic Repair (SMC, FRP, Composites)
• Seam Sealer Removal
• Seam Sealer Installation: Over Primer and Direct to Metal
• Corrosion Protection (Cavity Wax/Rust Fighter-I)
• Prep New Parts
• Prime Part (Aluminum, SMC, FRP, Composite)
• Paint Finishing: Small and Large Areas
• Headlight Restoration
• Clean-up Process

Each SOP topic includes instructions with photographic examples and a list of 3M product solutions used to properly complete a repair.