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Honda Tech Tip: Oil Pressure Switch Fails Intermittently

The front and/or rear rocker arm oil pressure switch may fail intermittently.

Mazda Pressure Breather Hose Frozen, DTC P0451

Some vehicles may experience a MIL on with only OTC P0451 stored in the memory. This is caused by water entering and freezing in the atmosphere breather hose of the fuel tank pressure (FTP) sensor.

Volkswagen Automatic Transmission Fluid Requirements

In response to multiple inquires about aftermarket universal (one fluid fits all) automatic transmission fluids and transmission flushing, Volkswagen Group of America and Volkswagen Canada have prepared the following statement.

Mazda Truck TPMS Service Precautions

Do not use metal stem caps. Some vehicles may experience the aluminum valve stem (B) breaking off of the TPMS wheel unit (C) when removing aftermarket valve stem caps during procedures such as routine checking of air pressure in tires.

Ford F-250: Raising Rear Ride Height

Some customers with 2011-2016 F-250 Super Duty 4×4 vehicles want to raise the rear of their vehicle to change vehicle attitude appearance. This procedure provides the necessary information for this modification in accordance with engineering specifications.

Tech Tip: FIAT 500 Rear Axle Alignment

Rear axle alignment shims are available in a kit containing two shims and replacement spindle mounting bolts. The front shim is used to correct an out of specification toe-in condition, and the rear shim is used to correct an out of specification toe-out condition.