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How Battery Service Continues To Change

Your attention to a battery’s condition will tell you if it needs to be replaced – and with what.

Identifying The Correct Alternator Pulley

Replace the OAD and tensioner with the belt as part of a mileage-based service. Sponsored by Litens.

Starters & Alternators- Tips For Diagnostics

Here are 4 tips to follow when replacing starters and alternators.

Handling A Car That Won’t Start (Video)

Automatic start-stop systems are putting more stress on the starter and battery. Sponsored by The Group Training Academy.

Diagnosing A Faulty Alternator (Video)

There are a whole host of issues that could happen to an alternator. This video is sponsored by The Group Training Academy.

VIDEO: ACDelco Starter and Alternators

High under-hood temps, increased power demands and vibration can damage alternators or starters. Sponsored by ACDelco.

Modern Battery and Alternator Testing Methods

Old methods of testing a battery and alternator aren’t appropriate today. Do the job right to get the right results.

September Pop Quiz Winners Named

If you were told you missed on a pop quiz answer, it might have been a glitch and you might be a winner!

The Complicated Truth Of Alternator Testing Diagnostics

One test is not enough if you are diagnosing a charging system problem. All too often, the alternator is condemned as the source of the problem if only battery voltage is present with the engine running.

VIDEO: How Modules Manage Alternator Power

Andrew Markel discusses power flow through the electrical system on a vehicle, and how the modules help provide the right amount of power to different components.

VIDEO: Ensuring Your Alternator Lasts

Sometimes, there is more to replacing a part than just a simple swap. Andrew Markel explains why you should follow a few more steps after replacing an alternator. Check out this video to learn more ways that you can ensure your new alternator will last longer than ever and that the electrical system will stay up to par.

Alternator Ripple Testing: The Ghost In The Machine

Before computers and networks in vehicles, an alternator that was producing AC voltage or ripple through the electrical system would cause flickering lights and maybe an ignition problem.