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Aluminum Panel Dent Repair

For a complete, safe and quality repair, it’s important to understand the considerations involved with repairing aluminum.

Mattes & Metallics: The Challenges Of Specialty Coatings

Matte finishes and micro-fine metallic finishes present some challenges, but practice and adherence to manufacturer guidelines can help.

Auto Body: Repairing Aluminum Vehicles

Many shops think all aluminum repairs are the same, but this is where some problems arise. As these same issues arise in vehicles made of newer steels, the aluminum-intensive vehicles are more prone to issues.

VIDEO: Measuring For Damage On Modern Vehicles

In the video, BodyShop Business Editor Jason Stahl discusses the importance of measuring for damage during the estimating phase to eliminate headaches later on. Also, why measuring is critical on today’s advanced vehicles due to damage being found in areas of the vehicle that it never used to.

The Body Work Evolution Of Masking Solutions

To start, let’s loosely define the purpose of masking. I would sat it’s to protect the masked object. Protect it from what? In the paint shop, we focus on overspray protection, but there are other activities in the body shop that make protecting the masked object necessary.

Cars Are Her Canvas: Artist Builds A Career In Collision Repair

The artist-turned-auto body worker has been interested in cars since adolescence, but she didn’t really think about working on them until she was in college.

Idaho Driver Claims Sasquatch Responsible For Deer Collision

One lucky body shop recently got some additional business after a woman driving a Subaru Forester hit a deer that ran into the road because it was being pursued by a sasquatch. Or at least that’s what she told police.

Auto Body Program Offers Training, Hope For Return To Old Jobs

The Erie Institute of Technology in Erie, PA, recently opened up a new auto body technician lab featuring a lift, paint booth and frame-straightening machine.