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Auto Body Repair: What is the Appropriate Body Filler?

A look at the different types of body filler, their characteristics and proper prep tips.

Advanced Materials: We’ve Come A Long Way From Mild Steel

We’ve come a long way from the mild-steel vehicles of the past. Technology is taking the collision industry in directions we never dreamed of. The changes we’ve seen in just the past few years are mind-boggling. And I do not believe the changes are going to stop anytime soon.

The Collision Centers In Long Island, NY, Highlights Longtime Painter Cesar Estrella

Cesar Estrella, the head painter at the MSO’s Patchogue, NY, store, “has trained multiple people to become painters and has been there to mentor and guide them throughout their career journey,” The Collision Centers says in a Facebook post.

The Body Work Evolution Of Masking Solutions

To start, let’s loosely define the purpose of masking. I would sat it’s to protect the masked object. Protect it from what? In the paint shop, we focus on overspray protection, but there are other activities in the body shop that make protecting the masked object necessary.

Auto Body Tech Tips: Eliminating Sealer Creep

Many have eliminated the need for a wet-on-wet sealer by finishing off the 2K primer with a finer grit sandpaper, but sometimes it’s still prudent to seal a repair prior to refinishing. You don’t want to experience the dreaded “sealer creep” in a door jamb, where the sealer’s edge is exposed rather than covered with

Kilgore College Auto Body Expert Gears Students For Success

Kilgore College’s automotive body repair program is NATEF certified.

BOCES Students Win At WNY Auto Collision Competition

Orleans/Niagara BOCES Auto Body students recently competed at the first WNY Auto Collision Competition.

EIT Opens New Auto Body Repair Lab

The Erie Institute of Technology in Erie, PA, recently opened a new auto body training facility.

Growing Need For Auto Body Technicians

ABRA Auto Body and Glass says the auto industry will be short an estimated 100,000 body technicians over the next 5-to-6 years