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Breaking Down The Automotive Technician Shortage: Wages

According to several different automotive instructors, low wages are a top contributor to the technician shortage.

Want To Work For Tesla? Tesla START Student Automotive Technician Program Makes It Possible

Tesla vehicles may be able to drive themselves, but that doesn’t mean they can fix themselves. Through its intensive training program, Tesla START, Tesla is looking to hire students to work as Tesla service technicians at Telsa Service Centers across the country.

Delphi Offers Free Instructor-Led Webinar Classes

This free, four-course training shares proven techniques that will help shop owners, technicians and future technicians.

Interactive Multi Meter Usage Quick Quiz

Five question interactive quiz on using your multimeter for automotive technicians. The electrical system is the perfect place to begin building a foundation for an automotive education. Check out this quiz with questions about how to use your multimeter and test electrical circuits.