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Axle Torque Procedures

Guessing the correct torque setting is a bad idea.

Limited Slip Differential Fluid Service

There are several differential designs you might see in the field.

Axle Nut Torque Specifications (VIDEO)

One torque specification for axle nut torque is impossible. This video is sponsored by BCA Bearings by NTN.

Ultimate Dana 60 Axles Now Available For Jeep Gladiator JT

The award-winning Ultimate Dana 60 axles are built to meet the rigors of off-road driving.

Nissan Titan Rear Axle Service

The 2004-2015 Titan was Nissan’s first attempt at a full-sized truck for the North American market. It could be ordered as a fleet truck or as a fully optioned 4×4.

VIDEO: Clicking From The CV Joint Or Axle? Check Out This TSB

Andrew Markel introduces a TSB from Nissan involving noise from the area of the CV joint, and discusses what could be causing the noise.

VIDEO: Can You Over-Tighten An Axle Nut?

Andrew Markel discusses bearing installation and how the torque specification of axle nuts should be closely followed.

VIDEO: Should I Tighten An Axle Nut With An Impact?

Andrew Markel explains why you should hand-tighten an axle nut, and how an impact could damage the CV axle or bearing.

Tech Tip: FIAT 500 Rear Axle Alignment

Rear axle alignment shims are available in a kit containing two shims and replacement spindle mounting bolts. The front shim is used to correct an out of specification toe-in condition, and the rear shim is used to correct an out of specification toe-out condition.