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VIDEO: Recommending Replacement Ball Joints

CTR maintenance-free ball joints are a safe, quiet and reliable replacement option.

Mevotech Offers New Jeep Cherokee Front Lower Ball Joint

The newly released MS25560 is a new front lower ball joint for the 2014-’18 Jeep Cherokee (KL).

Nissan Suspensions: Inspection And Restoration

The suspension needs just as much or more attention when compared to the engine.

VIDEO: Ball Joints And Shaft Damage

Explore repair options for failed lower ball joints on front wheel drive vehicles. This video is sponsored by TrakMotive.

VIDEO: Are Brand New Ball Joints Too Stiff?

Andrew Markel discusses out-of-the-box ball joints and how stiffness may appear as an issue when it is really a normal condition.

VIDEO: Ball Joint Installation Innovations

Andrew Markel discusses the installation process of chassis components, and how some changes in ball joint design are making the process easier.

VIDEO: Ball Joint Stud Specifications

Andrew Markel discusses the evolution of ball joints, and how their attachment to aluminum components has called for more stringent torque specifications.

Busted Knuckles: Bearings And Seals For Monobeam Front Axles

Servicing the ball joints and U-joints on monobeam axles requires a fair amount of steering knuckle disassembly just to access these components.

Ball Joint Engineering: Greasable And Sealed

One of the most frequent questions from my undercar customers is in regards to the availability of “greasable” chassis parts. Sealed-for-life components are very common at the OEM level, but many technicians have a definite preference for aftermarket greasable components. This poses the question: If greasable suspension joints are so popular, why don’t many modern suspensions have grease fittings anymore?