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Bartec USA Unveils New TPMS Relearn Chart

The 2021 TPMS Relearn chart is the result of the collaborative efforts between the Tire Industry Association (TIA) and Bartec USA.

Bartec USA Announces New TPMS Tool

TechRITEPro also serves as a Rite-Sensor programmer and includes the Bartec-exclusive Rite-Sync technology.

Bartec USA Announces Fourth Tool Update In 2020

Release 62.3 includes additional OBDII coverage for Ford, GM and Mercedes vehicles.

Bartec USA Announces 3rd Software Update in 2020

This software update adds significant coverage for Rite-Sensor, increases the OBDII capabilities and new OE sensors.

Bartec USA Announces Third Software Update In 2020

Release 62.2 includes additional Tire Fill Alert coverage and increased OBDII coverage for Ford, Jeep and GM vehicles.

Bartec USA Announces Second 2020 Software Update

A better working tool means more vehicles serviced and an improved bottom line for their service partners.

VIDEO: Can A Backup Camera Interfere With TPMS Signals?

Andrew Markel explains how the operation of a rear view camera can sometimes interfere with the TPMS signal and cause errors.

VIDEO: Most Common Error When Installing Programmable TPMS Sensors

Andrew Markel discusses the most common error some shops make when installing a new set of programmable TPMS sensors on a vehicle.

VIDEO: Using TPMS Relearn Data

Andrew Markel shows how keeping track of TPMS relearns can help your shop’s technicians and customers.

VIDEO: Test Before You Touch

Andrew Markel shows how Test Before You Touch can help avoid comebacks and improve customer relations by testing the sensors before performing a repair.