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Wheel Speed Sensors and Bearings

The only way to diagnose the sensor and circuit is with a scan tool or scope. 

Does Lubrication Impact Bearing Functionality?

Contaminants such as water, salt and organic debris can cause wheel bearings to corrode and fail over time.

Engine Bearing Supplier Q&A

It’s hard to believe that such small shell-shaped parts are so critical – manufacturers explain.

VIDEO: Wheel Bearing Preload And Load Paths

If you’re replacing a wheel bearing, you should also check the alignment. This video is sponsored by GMB.

VIDEO: Wheel Bearings And CV Boot Replacement

Find out what factors can breakdown the boot’s material in this Tech Minute. This video is sponsored by BCA Bearings.

CV Axle Tech Minute
Live Axle Wheel Bearing Replacement

Replacing wheel bearings on a vehicle with a live rear axle may not be one of the most regular jobs you do, but it can be one of the most profitable.

Ex’Splining’ New Wheel Bearing Designs

From an engineer’s perspective, wheel bearing design and selection can be a balancing act between durability, cost and fuel economy.

Water And Debris Cause Bearing Damage

Although inadequate lubrication can be classified into eight basic categories, two of those causes – water contamination and debris contamination – can be particularly attributed to bearing damage.