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Tips For Understanding Belt Friction And Tension

Serpentine belts and automatic tensioners more than tripled belt life.

Accessory Drive Belt Service and Science (VIDEO)

Accessory drive belts are not generic. This video is sponsored by Litens.

VIDEO: The Damage-Free Belt Tensioner Job

Andrew Markel offers quick tips to ensure a belt tensioner replacement and installation job goes smoothly without causing any damage.

Curing Belt Slippage

If an engineer could design a belt system that would never slip it would be a miracle. This perfect belt system would last a long time because without slipping, there would be very little wear.

VIDEO: Crankshaft Vibration And Belt Components

Andrew Markel reveals the details on crankshaft operation and how the power pulses cause vibration and stress on the belt and the components it is attached to.

Belt Tensioner Inspection & Replacement Tips

Most late-model engines have serpentine belt drives for the engine-driven accessories, and most people know that belts are a maintenance item that eventually has to be replaced. However, many people don’t know the spring-loaded automatic tensioner that keeps a serpentine belt tight is also a wear item. Consequently, the automatic tensioner may also have to be replaced when the time comes to change the belt.