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BMW TPMS System Breakdown

Some BMW models require the use of the iDrive system to reset the TPMS system.

8-Speed Transmission Replacement

A key consideration is the oil and the oil level. A new transmission will be delivered with the correct oil and oil level.

New Galvanized Brake Pads For 2020 BMW M240i From NRS Brakes

This new addition along 2020 BMW 2-series will represent approximately 102,000 vehicles in production globally.

VANOS Variable Valve Timing Diagnostics

The latest versions continuously adjust the position of the intake and exhaust camshafts for better power and more.

Engine Build: 600 HP Turbocharged M20B30 BMW Engine

When Yves Decan bought an e21 320 project car, the BMW fanatic in him took over.

The Real Issues With BMW Timing Chain Stretch

Timing chain stretch is not as dramatic as you might think, but it can still be time consuming.

Brake Job: BMW 1-Series (2008-2013)

The BMW 1-Series might be the least expensive BMW, but it shares a lot of the procedures that are common when it comes to servicing brakes on larger BMWs.

Ex’Splining’ New Wheel Bearing Designs

From an engineer’s perspective, wheel bearing design and selection can be a balancing act between durability, cost and fuel economy.

VIDEO: BMW DISA Valve Causing Code

In this Tech Minute, Jason Stahl explains how a failing DISA Valve on a BMW can throw various codes and what the replacement options are.

BMW Growing Technician Training Programs And Facilities

BMW of North America has joined other companies working to combat the tech shortage with a plan to expand its dealership service technician training programs in the U.S.

BMW: Electric Water Pump Replacement

From the time I started working professionally in the automotive repair world, I have often told stories about the mechanics I used to hang around with when I was 14 or 15 years old. They would often complain about new technology and how they were not going to be able to work on cars anymore.

Diagnosing V8 Engine Oil Leaks

You already know that there are plenty of BMWs with V8 engines on the road today, but you might be surprised that they can have issues with oil leaks. Inevitably, some of these will find their way to your shop in need of service, so here are some common items to be aware of when they arrive at your shop for repairs.