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Step By Step: Carbon Fiber Structural Repair

Is carbon fiber structural repair really black magic? The answer, of course, is no. It’s true that carbon fiber structural components such as “tubs” are a relatively new technology for high-volume production street cars, but structures like tubs have been used in Formula 1 racing since the early 1990s and in heavily loaded aircraft structures

The Body Work Evolution Of Masking Solutions

To start, let’s loosely define the purpose of masking. I would sat it’s to protect the masked object. Protect it from what? In the paint shop, we focus on overspray protection, but there are other activities in the body shop that make protecting the masked object necessary.

Auto Body Tech Tips: Eliminating Sealer Creep

Many have eliminated the need for a wet-on-wet sealer by finishing off the 2K primer with a finer grit sandpaper, but sometimes it’s still prudent to seal a repair prior to refinishing. You don’t want to experience the dreaded “sealer creep” in a door jamb, where the sealer’s edge is exposed rather than covered with

The Evolution Of Plastic Repair

We’ve all heard it from every source: technology keeps changing, and training is needed to keep up. We may get tired of hearing about it, but if you look around, you’ll see that it’s true. Big-Time Advances Plastic repair technology has advanced tremendously in the last few years. We’ve come a long way from just

Measuring For Damage In The Body Shop

As designs in vehicle safety improved to keep that crush away from the occupant compartment, we see a great shift in where damage occurs. How are you finding that damage?