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A Veteran’s Guide To Structural Repairs – Vol. I

Adapted from Barney Slifer’s article in BodyShop Business

A Perfect Blend

Adapted from Mike Muir’s article in BodyShop Business

Selling a Body Repair Estimate

Adapted from Patrick Yurek’s article in BodyShop Business

Gunning for that Perfect Spray

Adapted from Buddy Maule’s article in BodyShop Business.

The Training It Takes To Be a Body Shop Technician

Adapted from Mark Claypool’s article in BodyShop Business

Bodyworks – You Wanna Piece of This?

Adopted from Keith Combs’ article in BodyShop Business Sectioning is often the only realistic approach to a repair. But because many of today’s vehicles are a hybrid of unibodies and full frames, consumers get safety and strength, while future repairers, like you, get twice as many precautions for sectioning. Why talk about sectioning? Because after

Becoming the Master Masker

Adapted from Keith Combs’ feature in BodyShop Business