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Brake Friction Material Evolution Explained

There have been a lot of changes over the years to brake pad materials and manufacturing methods.

VIDEO: Reading Edge Codes On Brake Pads

Andrew Markel discusses edge codes on brake pads, and how to read them to determine which pads are correct for your customer’s vehicle.

VIDEO: Matching Brake Pads With Customers

Andrew Markel discusses selling brake pads to customers by identifying the way in which the customer uses their vehicle.

Brake Pad Contamination From Friction And Dust

Two forms of brake pad contamination can occur once a brake pad is pressed into a rotor and friction is generated.

Focus On Brake Friction For Safety

There are no recommended replacement intervals for brake pads because pad life varies widely depending on how a vehicle is driven, the type of brake pads on the vehicle, the driver’s braking habits and even the design of the brake system.

Analyzing Brake Friction Material

Aftermarket brake pads require a great deal of testing and engineering because they are made for a specific vehicle. A quality brake pad manufacturer will spend a significant amount of time and money developing an application-specific brake pad for each vehicle. This includes simulated and on-the-vehicle testing, both of which are time and equipment ­intensive.