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Installing New Rotors

Knowing if and why there’s runout will help you reinstall a smooth braking system.


Hydroboost brake systems are self-bleeding if there is no other problem in the system.

Regenerative Braking Service

Regenerative braking takes the forward motion of the vehicle and turns it into electrical energy.

Squeal! Grind! Clunk! How To Fix Brake Noise

A proper brake inspection, some common causes for brake noise and some steps that may get overlooked.

Brake Lines: What Is The Right Solution?

Inspecting brake lines should be part of every vehicle inspection.

Brake Pad Confusion: What Is The Best Brake Pad?

What makes one friction material quieter or better than another? It’s a two-part answer.

Brake Fluid Service

Visual inspection of the fluid can be extremely misleading.

ADAS And Brake Pads

ADAS can adapt, but if a replacement part falls outside the performance parameters it can cause problems.

VIDEO: Worn Brake Pads Say A Lot

Before you throw out the old brake pads or order a new set, take a good look at them. This video is sponsored by ADVICS.

VIDEO: Why Replace Both Calipers When Just One Goes Bad?

Andrew Markel stresses the importance of replacing two brake calipers generally when one unit goes bad to avoid differences in friction coefficients on the different sides of the vehicle.

VIDEO: Choosing The Right Brake Friction

Andrew Markel discusses the computations humans make to apply the brakes on a vehicle, and how they can change based on hard or soft pedal, pulsation and vibration, or other factors.

VIDEO: Why Do Rotors Corrode On The Inside First?

Andrew Markel talks about brake rotor corrosion, and why they seem to always corrode on the inside first.