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Honda Ridgeline Caliper Replacement

The parking brake and hydraulics are where you’ll find any service issues.

Reading Caliper Conditions with Pad Wear Patterns

Approx. Course Time: 5 minutes.
This course is sponsored by T2U.

Raybestos Expands Element3 Caliper Coverage

Raybestos Element3 brake calipers come with 100-percent-new components, no core return and lower warranty rates.

5 Brake Add-Ons To Boost Profitability, Customer Satisfaction

Even if guide pins are not damaged, swollen or hardened guide seals or lack of lubrication may cause the caliper to bind.

Brake Service: Multi-Piston Brake Calipers

Multi-piston calipers found on high-performance vehicles, including many import cars, need special attention during a brake job.

Putting The Spring In Your Brake Jobs

Typically, techs were forced to reuse old hardware or, in some extreme cases, either go without or make something else fit. Now, you probably expect, at minimum, new abutment clips to be included. But there are other hardware items you should also consider while ordering new brake pads.

How Long Should A Brake Job Last?

A quality brake job is about ensuring the quality of the work performed and is a mindset for management and technicians.