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The Science Behind Vehicle Appearance Products

A clean car is worth more to the owner but also will preserve and maintain the vehicle longer.

The Myth Of Scratches, Swirls And Carwashes

While an automatic carwash can get the blame, scratches actually form while the car is getting dirty.

Understanding pH As Related To Carwash Chemicals

Ensuring the proper titration and application of chemistry boosts wash performance.

Carwash Chemicals 101

A breakdown of the various soaps and waxes used in a carwash.

Autonomous Cars Should Be Washed Manually, Say Developers

With dozens of sensors, self-driving vehicles can’t be put through an automatic carwash.

ICYMI – 2020 Mercedes-Benz GLS Features Carwash Mode

They say today’s cars are smarter than ever. That includes knowing what to do inside a carwash.

Carwashing Vs. Detailing – Is There Any Difference?

Detailing and carwashing seem to have the same goal – to get the car clean. Do the similarities end there?

How To Wash A Vehicle With Car Wrap

While a car wrap looks trendy, taking care of the car and maintaining the excellent finish is a sensitive matter.

30-And-Under Rising Star: Tyler Rice

Rice works as a supervisor for The Tube Car Wash in Fort Wayne, Indiana.