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FREDS Tech Tip: SCI Interface FKTC

In this tip clip, Dave Hobbs talks about what to do if you have a vehicle with no PCM data. You plug in your brick, and you go to pull codes or look at PIDs in this late 90s, whatever, early 2000 Chrysler. It’s got CCD. You think you’re talking on the CCD. You’re actually talking on SCI, and scan tool just sits there and says no communications. What could the problem be? Is it a bad scan tool? Bad computer? Bad bus wires? Well, in this clip Dave gives some quick pointers on what to look for next.

Chrysler Data Bussing: CCD, SCI Data Lines Tech Tip

Bill Fulton talks about Chrysler data bussing. Talking about CCD and SCI data lines and using bus circuit schematics from a 1998 Dodge minivan as an example Bill gives some in depth insights into the operation and relationships of Chrysler data bus circuits.