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Class 8 Diesel Engines – Built For Speed

They say performance is where you find it. For Robert Ball performance is everywhere he looks.

Battery Drains Tech Tip

Parasitic drains can be measured with ammeters with the battery cable. Now the problem with taking the battery cable off to install the ammeter is that, sometimes electronic modules are the source of the parasitic draw. In this technical tip clip instructor Dave Hobbs talks about some other tricks for diagnosing these problems. He talks about the class two message monitor– a feature available on the Tech Two and also the Master Tech– it basically tells which module’s active and which module is inactive. He also goes on to cover using a parasitic draw tool in order to not disrupt the circuit while using an ammeter. Watch this clip to learn how to use the class two message monitor and or a simple knife switch that can actually be used for some neat tricks in diagnosing some stubborn, hard to find, parasitic battery drains.

P1745 Tech Tip

In this excerpt from the 2011 ATSG Seminar class, Instructor Wayne Colonna talks about 41TES and 42RLE VLP transmissions with a P1745 DTC. These codes are usually the result of a problem with a pressure control solenoid that should be reducing line pressure at idle.

OBD II O2 Slow Response Codes Technical Tip Clip

In this tech tip clip excerpt from the AVI class ‘Top 10 OBD 2 Codes: Fix Them Fast’ training program instructor Dave Scaler talks about slow response codes. Current generation o2 sensor heaters are controlled by the computer, and cars today go into closed loop faster than ever on todays cars. Dave talks about the two downsides of this situation and how they effect your diagnostic process. He goes on to further detail the diagnostic processes involved in solving O2 sensor slow codes.

Hands on: J2534 Flashing, Reprogramming

Have you spent hours trying to repair a driveability or emission problem and couldn’t resolve the issue? Many of these problems can only be repaired thru flashing. John Thornton gives you the training you need so you can be prepared when you come across a problem that cannot be fixed without a software update.