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Battery Drains Tech Tip

Parasitic drains can be measured with ammeters with the battery cable. Now the problem with taking the battery cable off to install the ammeter is that, sometimes electronic modules are the source of the parasitic draw. In this technical tip clip instructor Dave Hobbs talks about some other tricks for diagnosing these problems. He talks about the class two message monitor– a feature available on the Tech Two and also the Master Tech– it basically tells which module’s active and which module is inactive. He also goes on to cover using a parasitic draw tool in order to not disrupt the circuit while using an ammeter. Watch this clip to learn how to use the class two message monitor and or a simple knife switch that can actually be used for some neat tricks in diagnosing some stubborn, hard to find, parasitic battery drains.

Tricks for A/C Compressor Solenoid Testing

So you don’t have an electronic control valves testing unit like the MT 1400 for testing AC solenoids while in operation? Well in this tip clip from the MACS Quick Hits AC Service class, trainer Paul DeGuiseppi gives you some helpful tips and pointers.

E-mail Marketing Tip Clip

In this tip clip, ASA’s Bill Haas talks about the importance of email marketing. He goes on to talk about some helpful tips, how to effectively build a list of your customers emails and how to use that info to generate additional sales.

Ford Electronic Returnless Fuel Systems

In this tip clip excerpt from the complete Fuel System Testing Strategies class instructor Bill Fulton talks about the Ford Electronic Returnless Fuel systems and how to perform tests on this system using your DSO. He shows us the parameters to watch out for on your scope and how to interpret the info you see.

Tech Tip: Powerbalance Testing

In this tip clip, Bill Fulton discusses the theory and evolution of power-balance testing. Providing insight, techniques, and how it all applies to modern cars, Bill shows you how to better pinpoint fuel balance problems.

FRED Kicks the CAN: Chevy Malibu FKTC Tip Clip

In this case study with Dave Hobbs, we learn about the complexities and challenges of diagnostics of data bus systems. Dave talks about a Chevy Malibu he once worked on: it couldn’t start several modules. He talks about how, sometimes, bus issues can be things you would never suspect and how keeping up with learning about these systems and understanding their complexities is necessary if you want to work on cars with these problems.

Hybrid A/C Compressor Fuse Tech Tip

In this tip clip, Instructor Dave Hobbs talks about the Hybrid A/C compressor fuse on a Gen 3 Toyota Prius. He provides some hands-on info about how and where to find the fuse. He discusses safety and techniques for properly testing the DC current air conditioning fuse to the DC mini inverter compressor used in late model Toyota and Lexus.

MACS A/C System Hose Repairs Tip Clip

If you build or repair A/C system hoses, power steering hoses, or any different kind of hose assemblies this tip clip may be of interest to you. There’s a lot of good information that you need to know out there, so take a look at this segment, which is going to tell you everything you ever needed to know about building and repairing hoses the right way.

Why J2788 Standard Tip Clip

What if you could save 30 minutes each day in the shop? Do you have some areas in the shop where you might be wasting a little bit of time? You might have an A/C recovery machine that’s not quite up to its 100% potential. What we’re going to talk about in this tip clip

Toyota Key Off Evap Testing Pump Module

In this tech tip clip video, Bob discusses the primary component to Toyotas key off evaporative emission system, the pump module. This clip helps you understand the basic modes of operation to the various components found with in the pump module.

Shorted Motor Gen Tech Tip

In this hybrid tech tip clip instructor Dave Hobbs talks about the hybrid battery disconnects and how important it it for you as a technician to know how to know the procedures to deactivate and shut down hybrid voltage systems in order to safely and efficiently even be able to service other non hybrid systems on a vehicle.

Repair Shop Marketing Tip Clip

In this series of short tip clips from management and service writing instructor George Witt you will learn several quick tips that will help to to better market your shop. George talks about things such as friendliness, cleanliness, reminders, humor, training, and equipment.