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Common Functions of the PicoScope Tech Tip

In this tip clip instructor John Thornton will present some ‘need-to-know’ info about some common function found on your PicoScope. John covers things such as vertical scale (number of volts per division), horizontal scale (the base time of the sweep speed), and trigger.

Service Advisor Tips and Tricks

In this tip clip George Witt gives advice on selling diagnostics to your customers. George talks about selling lists and inspections and how to present the diagnostic process in such a way that you are charging for your time, effort and expertise. He talks about the four ways this helps you in selling diagnostics and how to present the info in a way that leaves the customer happy and provides the info they need to make an informed decision.

Chrysler NGC: New Generation Computers

In this tech tip clip instructor Bill Fulton presents some need to know info on the Chrysler NGC PCM’s introduced in 2003. He talks about the fact that there are two different manufacturers for these computers and some issues related to interchangeability.

Honda Acura 5-Speed Bore Plug Tech Tip

In this transmission tip clip from the 2010 ATSG Seminar program Wayne Colonna presents some issues about bore plugs on Honda and Acura 5-speed transmissions. He talks about the resulting shift issues that can occur and ways you can fix the problem in such a way that comebacks are less likely.

Bubba’s Garage

In this fun video clip Jim Linder presents some ‘teknical’ information you need to know if you work with ‘bubbas’.

Tech Tip: Hands-On Fuel Pump Electrical Testing

In this clip from the Fuel Pump Manufacturers Council, shot here in the AVI garage and presented by instructor Dave Scaler, we are presented some great ‘must know’ tips regarding fuel pump diagnostics. The clip contains info on voltage drop testing and on car hands on demonstrations.

Powerstroke Diagnostic Tips

In this tip clip from the Ford Powerstroke 6.0 class Mike Cleary shares some diagnostic procedures that are a shoe-in for profit potential. Fuel in Oil, Inferred EBP, Fuel Filter Replacement and Stiction are just a few of the items diagnosed here. Mike answers these questions with some tips and procedures on how to use your scan tool to aid in your diagnosis.

TPMS Sensor Service Tips

In this clip instructor Jim Wilson talks about TPMS sensor service tips that will save you time and money by outlining the appropriate tools and procedure you should be using in order to avoid sensor failure.

Case Study 2001 Corvette Tip Clip

Through this case study Bob Augustine brings home a true understanding of why the Diagnostic Process demonstrated in this clip is so important for both time savings and shop profitability.

Prius – 12V Battery and No Starts Tip Clip

In this training tip clip from the Complete Hybrid Training Program, Craig Van Batenburg talks about the battery backup for the brake by wire brake system and no start issues on the Toyota Prius. He touches on no start issues and concerns such as wrong or too much oils P309 High Voltage leak codes, corridor resolver connections and low battery pack issues.

ABS Tech Tip 2

In this clip instructor Peter Orlando gives us some hands on instruction on resistance testing ABS solenoid assemblies. Peter gives several in depth tips tricks and gotchas related to resistance testing the isolation valves and working with the component schematics to perform the pin out testing

ABS Tech Tip 1

In this tech tip clip, Instructor Peter Orlando gives you a helpful tip concerning your new ABS wheel speed sensor. He explains to you how to use your voltmeter and a screwdriver to test if the new part is bad or good BEFORE you even put it in the car.