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Snap-on Introduces Diagnostic Mobile Workcenter

The workcenter comes with a 27-in. touch screen display for great usability and visibility.

Restoring Engine-Computer Communications

For this month’s Real World case, we will attempt to provide a plan of attack for communication issues on General Motors products with the Class 2 Protocol. Our diagnostic journey begins with a 2004 Chevrolet Tahoe. This vehicle was tested at the EPA test facility in our area and it was determined that there is

A2 Transmission Performance Codes Tip Clip

In this clip from the ASE A2 Transmission Diagnostics test prep program, Wayne Colonna talks about transmission performance codes. He talks about how on some computer controlled transmissions if there is a code stored or shift adapt issues the computers strategy is to overcome this slip by increasing line pressure. He talks about the problems this can cause during the diagnostic process and how to overcome these issues.

4L60E-Pressure Switch Manifold Quick Tip

From 1993 to 2008 the GM 4l60E transmission used a pressure switch manifold to tell the computer what gear was selected. In this Tip Clip instructor Wayne Colonna gives a detailed technical overview of this component with some helpful info on diagnosing associated problems.