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Bar’s Leaks Tech Tips for Driving in a Winter Wonderland

Proper cooling system preparation helps prevent customers from getting stranded.

Cooling System Leak Testing

What replaces the conventional water pump and thermostat is electronic thermostats and electric water pumps. 

Cooling System: Hose Inspection and Replacement

One bad hose can cause an engine malfunction. This video is sponsored by Continental.

Air Conditioning Components

When a compressor fails the question for most technicians is whether to flush the condenser or replace it.

Bring The Heat Or Keep Your Cool – Engine Thermal Management

Vehicle manufacturers work to maximize cooling system efficiency to manage temperature while using less engine power.

Keeping An Eye On Cooling Systems

OEMs are carefully scrutinizing and squeezing every engine component for maximum efficiency.

Solving 2014 Toyota Tacoma Cooling System Sensor Codes

The test monitor reads all relevant serial data parameters passing through the ECM.

VIDEO: Replace The Thermostat With Every Cooling System Job

Andrew Markel discusses the limited lifespan of thermostats, and how that makes it necessary to replace the thermostat as part of a cooling system task.

Modern Cooling System Design: It’s Not About Temperature; It’s About Powertrain

Reading engineering papers tends to be a boring exercise, but they do give technicians a new perspective on how a common automotive cooling system could actually be improved.

VIDEO: Coolant Scale Buildup On Cooling System Components

Andrew Markel explains how dried out coolant can break down and cause scale in certain components of the cooling system.

Cooling System Preventive Maintenance Service

Given the current range of extended maintenance intervals, it’s safe to say that your shop might see Grandma’s 2011 Volkswagen Jetta only when its oil life monitor indicates the need for an oil change.

A New Look At Cooling System Technology

Auto manufacturers are continuing to increase fuel economy and power output by changing how the cooling system operates. Make sure you’re up to date on modern cooling system technology.