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2020, Was It Really All That Bad?

2020 had its scary moments that some would want to leave in the past. Others, however, may have gained something valuable.

Work From Home? What Is That?

While some employees argue about working from home, techs and shop owners have continued working without complaint.

Over Half Of U.S. Expects Car-Only Vacations This Summer

Nearly four in five respondents said that they feel more comfortable traveling by car rather than by airplane this summer

Did Covid Cause The Catalytic Converter Crisis?

Catalytic converters have become a hot product among thieves. Has the global pandemic played a part?

Fact Or Fiction: PPE For Technicians And Your Customers

PPE shows that you respect and care about your customers and your employees.

Two-Wheel Mobility Becomes Popular

People have been seeking alternative modes of transportation that don’t conflict with their fears about the coronavirus and bear a lighter price tag.

Pandemic Technology Helps Clean the Air

Honda in Japan has introduced a new cabin air-filter design to reduce exposure to coronavirus inside a vehicle.