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Civic Hybrid – Dead Battery Tip Clip

Craig VanBatenburg talks about the Gen 2 Civic Hybrids and how with a dead 12v battey you will be unable to communicate with the vehicle using your scan tool. He talks about the codes problems associated, the problems that you might see and how to get communications to your scan tool again.

Prius – 12V Battery and No Starts Tip Clip

In this training tip clip from the Complete Hybrid Training Program, Craig Van Batenburg talks about the battery backup for the brake by wire brake system and no start issues on the Toyota Prius. He touches on no start issues and concerns such as wrong or too much oils P309 High Voltage leak codes, corridor resolver connections and low battery pack issues.

FORD Hybrid Quick Tip

Tip Clip: Excerpt from the Ford Hybrids program with Craig Van Batenburg. Craig talks about the components of the Ford Escape Hybrid and hybrid computer system terminology

Hybrid Oil Specifications

Hybrid Oil Specifications with Craig Van Batenburg. Learn more about Toyota hybrid oil specifications that can save you a lot of headaches.