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Balancing Combustion Forces

Visual inspection is critical. Any sign of movement laterally is grounds for replacement.

Cylinder Deactivation And Active Fuel Management (VIDEO)

Deactivating a cylinder requires specific technology. This video is sponsored by Auto Value & Bumper To Bumper.

15 Ways to Prevent Cylinder Head Gasket Failure

A blown head gasket can ruin your day and cost you or a customer a lot of money. Blown head gaskets can be the result of detonation, poor engine cooling, or improper installation. With the help of the gasket experts at Fel-Pro, we’ve identified not one, not six, but 15 ways to prevent head gasket

How And Why Dry Sleeving Of Cylinders Works

Cylinder liners or sleeves continue to be the saving grace for new aluminum and vintage iron blocks.

Diesel Cylinder Head Performance Porting Strategies

Diesel engine intake ports and combustion chambers are unique to the way the engine performs.

A8 Spark Timing Technical Tip Clip

Section two of the ASE A8 task list is where you find ignition systems. In this video tip clip with instructor Dave Hobbs we’re going to do some cylinder balance testing, which will give us an idea if there is a misfire, and if so, which cylinder it is. And that oftentimes goes hand in hand with ignition diagnosis.

Quick Quiz: Pressure Transducer

As you know, for many years in our industry we have used a compression gauge to assist us in diagnosing mechanical problems. Well, today, electronics have vastly improved the techniques we can use to analyze in cylinder mechanical problems. See if your up to speed on diagnostic procedures using a pressure transducer.