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Adapting Sensors For Changing Inputs

Let’s focus our attention today on one small facet of the technology inside modern vehicles: Adaptations.

FORD Explorer High-Speed Cooling Fan Motor RELAY Overheating

A damaged non-functional relay, causing the fan to never turn on may lead to engine overheating at idle.

Solving Dodge/Jeep Brembo Brake Noise

Brembo 6-Pot fixed caliper brakes may make a front clicking noise at low speeds. Here’s what it means and how to fix it.

Top 3 Import TPMS Scenarios That Cost Time And Money

Don’t assume that if a TPMS tool can’t diagnose or program a sensor that the sensor is bad. Something else may be to blame.

Curing Shock, Strut and Suspension Noise

As vehicles age, eliminating noise is Job 1. But ‘noise’ may mean different things to you and your customers.

VIDEO: Front End Complaints – Look For The Real Problem

What’s obvious may not be causing the complaint. This video is sponsored by GSP North America.

VIDEO: Diagnosing A Check Engine Light

What could cause the light to flash? This video is sponsored by Auto Value and Bumper to Bumper.

VIDEO: Ride Height Specification As A Diagnostic Tool

Measuring ride height can show the condition of the springs and suspension. This video is sponsored by Mitchell 1.

Understanding System Operation Is Key To Diagnostics

Active dampening or suspension control systems can be found on luxury Asian and European vehicles.

Quick Quiz: Pressure Transducer

As you know, for many years in our industry we have used a compression gauge to assist us in diagnosing mechanical problems. Well, today, electronics have vastly improved the techniques we can use to analyze in cylinder mechanical problems. See if your up to speed on diagnostic procedures using a pressure transducer.

Powerstroke Diagnostic Tips

In this tip clip from the Ford Powerstroke 6.0 class Mike Cleary shares some diagnostic procedures that are a shoe-in for profit potential. Fuel in Oil, Inferred EBP, Fuel Filter Replacement and Stiction are just a few of the items diagnosed here. Mike answers these questions with some tips and procedures on how to use your scan tool to aid in your diagnosis.