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AWD and ABS Services

AWD is always engaged and with the ABS brake modulator, can perform like systems with limited-slip differentials.

Limited Slip Differential Fluid Service

There are several differential designs you might see in the field.

The Problem Is Not In The Transfer Case

The most important part of any repair work is locating the cause of the problem that causes the customer complaint.

What’s Coming Next With Differentials And Transfer Cases?

With a lot of AWD cars and SUVs coming off powertrain warranties, you are going to see more differential and transfer case maintenance and repairs at the shop.

VIDEO: Rear Brake Pads On Vehicles With Stability Control

Andrew Markel explains why special attention needs paid to brake pads on vehicles with stability control, including oversteer and understeer corrections and differential replacement.

Active Drivetrains And Differentials

Vehicles equipped with 4×4 or all-wheel-drive (AWD) systems are designed to provide advantages throughout the year, but winter tends to bring these vehicles into focus.