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Brake Rotor Quality Check

The brake rotor might look fine, but the problem could be internal.

Fowler Extended Range Brake Micrometer

The micrometer’s features include sharp, black graduations on satin chrome finish and a jaw depth of 3.5-in.

VIDEO: Doing The Complete Disc Brake Job

Andrew Markel follows up on a previous video about parking brake adjustment to discuss how it should not be the only thing to inspect during a brake job.

VIDEO: Disc Thickness Variation

Andrew Markel goes over the effects of disc thickness variation, where it comes from, and how to diagnose it.

Pinpointing Needed Disc Brake Service

During the road test, listen for noises and note any pedal pulsation or vehicle pulling when applying the brakes. Noises can indicate brake pad problems, pedal pulsation from rotor damage, and pulling due to uneven brake application, which can be caused by a number of things.