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VIDEO: Power Steering Pump Replacement And Belt Drive Service

It’s critical the pulley is in alignment and the belt is not contaminated. This video is sponsored by Litens.

VIDEO: What Can A Donut Do To A Drive Belt?

Everybody loves a full-lock drift or a smoky donut, but keeping the steering at full lock can have implications for the power steering pump and belt. Andrew Markel explains how power steering fluid can become superheated and damage the pump.

VIDEO: Understanding Drive Belt Decouplers

In this video, Andrew Markel discusses a new drive belt service opportunity. Many small engines and diesel engines are coming with decoupler pulleys on the crankshaft that are a mixture between a dual mass flywheel and an alternator decoupler pulley. The pulley can reduce vibrations in the crankshaft and the drive belt system.

Drive Belt Checklist: What Are You Missing?

You might have only one chance to sell a customer a new serpentine belt. With belts lasting roughly 90,000 miles, proper inspection at the time of failure is critical not only for selling the belt, but also for ensuring add-on sales and better customer satisfaction.