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GEARWRENCH Offers New Electronic Torque Wrenches

To help automotive techs handle jobs with torque-to-yield bolts, Apex Tool Group has introduced its new GEARWRENCH Electronic Torque Wrench with Angle.

Ford Electronic Returnless Fuel Systems

In this tip clip excerpt from the complete Fuel System Testing Strategies class instructor Bill Fulton talks about the Ford Electronic Returnless Fuel systems and how to perform tests on this system using your DSO. He shows us the parameters to watch out for on your scope and how to interpret the info you see.

FRED Takes the Bus Quick Quiz

Data-bussing and multiplexing can be complex and aggravating, but F.R.E.D. (Frustrating, Ridiculous, Electronic, Devices) can help solve the mystery behind it. Take our five question quick quiz to put your understanding of how the electronic modules communicate with each other to the test. Conquering this tough issue will help you save you valuable diagnostic time.

FRED on Evap Tip Clip

In this Tip Clip Dave Hobbs talks about EVAP and FREDS, you know Frustrating Ridiculous Electronic Devices, things like PCM’s and ECM’s. He talks about the logic of how these devices control the operation of the vehicle’s evap system. He discusses how the ‘brain’ of the evap system handles things like the operational nature of the evap system such as purge. He also goes into detail regarding how the FRED also handles the regulatory side of things such as EPA guidelines and leak tests.