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Toyota Key Off Evap Testing Pump Module

In this tech tip clip video, Bob discusses the primary component to Toyotas key off evaporative emission system, the pump module. This clip helps you understand the basic modes of operation to the various components found with in the pump module.

Ford Enhanced EVAP Tip Clip

In this excerpt from Mark DeKoster’s new thoroughly detailed breakdown of today’s Ford Enhanced EVAP Systems, learn the difference between the current emission standards, and what your shop needs to do to comply, along with analysis of stubborn EVAP codes, how they are set, and how to diagnose.

Hands-On J2534 Tip Clip

Have you spent hours trying to repair a driveability or emission problem and couldn’t resolve the issue? Many of these problems can only be repaired thru flashing. AVI can give you the training you need so you can be prepared when you come across a problem that cannot be fixed without a software update.