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Oil and Carbon Deposits

Here’s how oil can influence carbon deposits.

Street vs. Race Oil

Passenger car motor oil has undergone numerous changes over the years.

VIDEO: What ZDDP Is, What It Does and Why It Matters

Today’s engines are more complex than ever – their motor oil often needs help. This video is sponsored by Rislone.

Reading Oil Product Datasheets

The product data sheet starts with a listing of the basics, like appearance and part numbers.

Whatever Happened To The Original Hemi Head?

Many purists say what we think of a Hemi engine today doesn’t meet the hemisperical standards.

Are Recycled Oils Safe To Use In Your Engine?

After being used, oil isn’t just tossed into a giant oil-specific wastebasket. Rather, oil is recycled, or re-refined.

VIDEO: Air Filter Q&A

When do you change your engine air filter? This Q&A video is sponsored WIX Filters.

10 Things Diesel Oil Is Trying To Tell You

There are 10 important factors that determine the condition of oil and its service life.

New API Gasoline Engine Oil Standards Coming on May 1

Creating new GF-6 motor oils involved collaboration and testing to protect engines.

What Techs Will Have To Worry About With GF-6 Oils

Technicians who perform oil changes in the future will need to pay extra close attention to what they’re putting in the vehicle.

VIDEO: The Role Of Dispersants In Engine Oil

Andrew Markel discusses the formation of carbon during the combustion process, and how the proper engine oil can prevent sludging in the engine.

ACEA Oil Specifications: New ‘Sequences’ Mean Better Oil Performance Characteristics

While domestic manufacturers were promising 5,000-mile oil changes on this side of the pond, the oil change intervals in Europe were at 10,000 miles or more.