February 2017 Archives - Tomorrows Technician
Chrysler Portal Concept: Next-Generation Family Transportation Designed By Millennials For Millennials

Battery-electric vehicle technology contributes to cabin spaciousness with a minimized engine compartment and a low, flat-load floor atop the battery pack that is ideal for transporting people and equipment for an active lifestyle.

Measuring For Damage In The Body Shop

As designs in vehicle safety improved to keep that crush away from the occupant compartment, we see a great shift in where damage occurs. How are you finding that damage?

CAN Communications Diagnostics: Honda Case Study

This Honda was towed in with a loss of power, check engine light on and a P1607 code indicating an internal PCM failure.

Check Engine Light
What’s On The Dyno? Rebuilding A 1995 LT1/LT4 Chevy V8 Is School Work For Brighton High School Students

This engine build tale takes place at Brighton High School in Brighton, MI, by three teenagers who had never rebuilt an engine before.

Auto Care Careers Internship Scholarships Are Available

Auto Care Careers Internship Scholarships are intended for college students majoring in programs that have direct application to the auto care industry.

Catalytic Converter Replacement: 10 Tips

Catalytic converter replacement can be one of the most arduous repairs a shop takes on. It is not that the repair itself is overly complicated; it is the paperwork, laws and warranty issues that can be the real headache.

Measuring Brake Rotors Matters

Measuring the rotor thickness should be part of any brake job. Even if it looks like it is below specifications, it should be measured and documented on the repair order.