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ASE Test Prep: External Fuel Filter Replacement (VIDEO)

Here’s what you should consider before attempting a fuel filter replacement. This video is sponsored by Carter.

ASE Test Prep: External Fuel Filter Best Practices (Video)

What should you include when replacing an external fuel filter? This video is sponsored by Carter.

Long-Term Fuel Trims and Filters (VIDEO)

Long-term fuel filters need to be watched and maintained. This video is sponsored by Auto Value & Bumper To Bumper.

Signs Of A Bad Fuel Filter

Fuel filters aren’t on the list of regular replacement items. But nothing lasts forever.

Video: When Should the Fuel Filter Be Replaced?

Fuel filters are necessary to keep contaminates away from the tank. This video is sponsored by FRAM.

Fuel Filters And Frequency Cycles

On most import vehicles, the three components with the highest manufacturing tolerances are ABS brake modulators, direct injection high-pressure fuel pumps and fuel injectors. All of these components are at the mercy of the fluids that circulate inside their respective systems.

Identifying And Fixing Heavy Duty Filter Issues

Today’s heavy-duty engines have evolved to incorporate modern technology and adhere to emissions regulations—which means their components have had to evolve with them. For technicians, this means that when an engine problem comes up, it’s not so simple to determine the root cause.