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High-Pressure GDI Fuel Pumps

When solving a fuel pump issue, the scan tool is your best friend.

Fuel Pressure Diagnostic Service

Use a scan tool that can look at special direct fuel injection parameters and perform bidirectional tests.

New ProMAXX Diesel Fuel Injector Seal Puller/Saver ProKits

Ford Power Stroke 6.7L & GM Duramax 6.6L ProKits easily remove compression seals and shorten repair times.

Throttle-By-Wire Diagnostics

On older throttle cable systems, the carburetor or fuel injection system reacted to the throttle angle.

Diesel Engine Fuel Systems and Injector Setups

The secret for getting everything you can out of your engine lies in the fuel system.

Fuel Injector Wave Forms

Diagnosing a fuel injector circuit with a scope can help you to confirm the health of the drivers and injectors.

VIDEO: The Benefits Of Injector Balance Testing

An injector balance test may help isolate a bad injector. This video is sponsored by Standard Motor Products.

VIDEO: Understanding Fuel Pressure

The earliest effort to improve fuel-pumps was to install a series of ballast resistors. This video is sponsored by Carter.

Fuel Injector Function Testing

If a fuel injector is not operating within set parameters, it can cause driveability symptoms and codes that can point to components other then a faltering fuel injector.

VIDEO: Fuel Injector Clogs And Replacement Tips

Andrew Markel explains how fuel injectors can clog even when the ignition is off, as well as some replacement tips for fuel injectors.

Fuel Injector Diagnostics

Why do fuel injectors become clogged or have spray pattern problems? The answer involves a little bit of chemistry and a lot of heat.