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ASE Free Webinar: How To Select The Correct Gasket Maker

The webinar will take place on Tuesday, Nov. 16 at 4:00 p.m. ET.

15 Ways to Prevent Cylinder Head Gasket Failure

A blown head gasket can ruin your day and cost you or a customer a lot of money. Blown head gaskets can be the result of detonation, poor engine cooling, or improper installation. With the help of the gasket experts at Fel-Pro, we’ve identified not one, not six, but 15 ways to prevent head gasket

VIDEO: Gasket And Fluid Compatibility

Andrew Markel discusses how gasket life can be maximized by using fluids that are compatible with it without early degradation.

VIDEO: Is It A Leak Or Normal Residue?

Andrew Markel discusses diagnosing leaks, and how some leaks may actually be residue present under normal conditions.

Look Beyond The Gasket To Spot A Head Lift Problem

Head lift is not the whole head that is lifting from the block, but is a distortion in specific areas of the head and block interface where the head gasket is installed. This distortion can damage the head gaskets and head bolts.

New Gasket Scrapers From Lang Tools

Lang Tools is offering a new line of Gasket Scrapers that are drop-forged from high carbon steel with precision ground scraping ends.