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Matco Tools Offers New Purple Ratchet with Ergonomic Handle

With 88 gear teeth, this ratchet boasts a swing arc just over 4°, enabling swift work in the tightest spaces.

Automotive Tools 101

What do you need to start out in the field?

How Wrenches are Made

Today’s tools are built to withstand levels of stress well above that of years ago.

Milwaukee Expands Hand Tools Line to Feature New Hooks, Picks

Milwaukee’s Mechanic Hand Tools lineup now includes two sets of four or eight new hooks and picks.

Cementex Shares Enhanced Design Of Double Insulated Wrenches

Design advancement makes the work end of the wrenches even slimmer so that they are consistent with the insulation process.

Universal Seal Clamp Pliers Solve Hard-To-Reach Problems

The CP720 Dual Jaw 360º Seal Clamp Pliers make technician’s job easier.

Matco Releases Clic-R Clamps

This, dependable, robust construction allows clamps to be reused easily.

Snap-on Introduces CT9010 Cordless Impact Wrench Kit

The new Impact Wrench Kit is designed for the heaviest applications that demand consistent high performance.

Knipex Improves Chrome Pliers Wrench

The wrench’s parallel jaws evenly distribute force for a secure grip that is 10x pressure applied to the handles.

XL-Torx Screwdriver Set from Mueller-Kueps

The neon green and black body allows you to spot the screwdriver from across the shop.

PODCAST: What Is A Torx Bit And Why Are There So Many?

The original Torx style of drive was developed in the late 1960s to eliminate cam-out of Phillips heads.

Milwaukee Extended Handle Ratchets & Stubby Ratchets

These ratchets deliver 4° of arc swing, which, combined with a slim profile head, contributes to increased accessibility.