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Whiting Systems Announces New Hand Sanitizing Solution

The foot-operated dispenser will draw gels or liquids from any container in a predetermined amount, saving time and money.

GM Pass Key Systems Hands-On Tip Clip

In this video Tip Clip Bill Fulton presents several hands on test you can quickly and easily perform when diagnosing GM Pass Key antitheft issues and problems. Watch this video and learn to use your multimeter to check and diagnose the various components of the antitheft system.

Tech Tip: Hands-On Fuel Pump Electrical Testing

In this clip from the Fuel Pump Manufacturers Council, shot here in the AVI garage and presented by instructor Dave Scaler, we are presented some great ‘must know’ tips regarding fuel pump diagnostics. The clip contains info on voltage drop testing and on car hands on demonstrations.

Hands-On J2534 Tip Clip

Have you spent hours trying to repair a driveability or emission problem and couldn’t resolve the issue? Many of these problems can only be repaired thru flashing. AVI can give you the training you need so you can be prepared when you come across a problem that cannot be fixed without a software update.