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Truck Stop: Start Your Engines — Tips for Winterizing Heavy-Duty Diesels

Diesels like it hot. Although a heavy-duty diesel engine can power a truck, locomotive or even an oil rig, it still needs some TLC in preparation for cold temperatures.

Biodiesel Handling and Use Guidelines

This document is a guide for those who blend, distribute, and use biodiesel and biodiesel blends. It is intended to help fleets and individual users, blenders, distributors, and those involved in related activities understand procedures for handling and using biodiesel fuels. This 69-page report is a useful tool, both when planning biodiesel use and as an ongoing resource.

Compositions, Functions, and Testing of Friction Brake Materials and Their Additives

This 33-page report was prepared as an information resource for the development of advanced brake materials for heavy vehicles. This research is sponsored by the U.S. Department of Energy,Office of Transportation Technologies. It is part of an initiative aimed at reducing the running resistance while improving the safety of on-highway heavy trucks.