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New Motor Mount Technology

Engine speed is the primary input that determines the stiffness of the mount.

Honda CR-V 2019-2022 Strut Installation (VIDEO)

This video covers installation procedures on 2019 CR-V models. This video is sponsored by PRT.

2020 Honda Civic Front Camera Calibration (VIDEO)

How to perform a front camera calibration on a 2020 Honda Civic. This video is sponsored by Hunter Engineering.

Variable Valve Timing

The relationship between the camshaft and crankshaft is critical.

Dealing With Stuck Nuts & Studs On Motorcycle And ATV Engines

Watch Cyclepedia disassemble a Honda TRX90 engine and discuss how to deal with stuck nuts and studs.

Pandemic Technology Helps Clean the Air

Honda in Japan has introduced a new cabin air-filter design to reduce exposure to coronavirus inside a vehicle.

Honda Oil System Inspection

The leading cause of low oil pressure-related complaints with Honda vehicles is the oil level.

Honda B & K Series Engines

Honda’s K20 and K24 engines stand out when it comes to building performance vehicles.

Brake Job: 2006-2014 Honda Ridgeline

Honda Ridgeline brake service issues are often related to the parking brake and hydraulics.

Honda Active Grille Shutters: How They Work

The module for the active grille shutters and PCM will store basic freeze frame information from when the code was set.

Honda TPMS: Direct And Indirect System Resets And Service

Honda direct TPMS are different compared to domestic TPMS.

Honda Tire and Wheel
Honda LIN Line Controlled Charging Systems

Honda’s charging system solution includes a dedicated local interconnect network (LIN) line that connects the alternator and the powertrain control module (PCM).

Honda Engine