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Understanding Underhood Parts for Hybrids

Anything that can happen to an ICE in a standard vehicle can happen to an ICE in a hybrid.

Toyota Invests Big In Batteries

With an $8 billion investment, Toyota plans for 10 new BEV/PHEV battery lines by 2030.

Shift To Electric Has Kilgore College Automotive Program Shifting Gears

Instructors in the automotive technology program at Kilgore College in Kilgore, TX, are preparing students to service electric and hybrid vehicles.

Students At University High School Learn About Hybrid Vehicles

Students at University High School in Morgantown, WV, recently had the opportunity to learn about hybrid vehicles.

Hybrid HVAC Systems Quick Quiz

Do you understand how the HVAC system carries out its job in the complex world of the hybrid vehicle? This quiz on Hybrid HVAC systems test your knowledge on the use of proper testing equipment, and what to look for when dealing with HVAC problems.

Hybrid Data PIDS Tech Tip

In this hybrid vehicle tech tip Dave Hobbs talks about an ‘engine stop request code. If you’ve got a hybrid vehicle and you’re not sure– is it doing an idle stop or is it just stalling– because we have still have an internal combustion engine and that means we still have all other kinds of sensors that can cause drivability issues, including intermittent stalling conditions. Thats why Dave talks about the engine stop request PID and how it can keep you from chasing the boogeyman.