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E-mail Marketing Tip Clip

In this tip clip, ASA’s Bill Haas talks about the importance of email marketing. He goes on to talk about some helpful tips, how to effectively build a list of your customers emails and how to use that info to generate additional sales.

Technical Info Calls

George Witt talks briefly about how best to handle technical information calls that you might get from other shops. He talks about the importance of evaluating who you help, when and how often, and most importantly what info you should never reveal.

Data Bus Case Study – Malibu

In this tip clip case study instructor Dave Hobbs presents the case study of a 2004 Malibu with a no start condition. Diagnostics later revealed a short in the radio causing the rest of the components on that bus to be unable to communicate. In this Tip Clip Dave gives some helpful info on diagnosing these types of interconnected problems.