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Labscope Tip Clip: GDI


E-mail Marketing Tip Clip

In this tip clip, ASA’s Bill Haas talks about the importance of email marketing. He goes on to talk about some helpful tips, how to effectively build a list of your customers emails and how to use that info to generate additional sales.

Lambda Tech Tip

In this tech tip, instructor Bill Fulton gives you a quick modern day tech tip that you don’t see on their scan tool. It’s called Lambda. This is what we call the corrected air-fuel ratio. He discusses Lambda, how it differs from manufacturer to manufacture, and what numbers to look for.

FRED Kicks the CAN: Chevy Malibu FKTC Tip Clip

In this case study with Dave Hobbs, we learn about the complexities and challenges of diagnostics of data bus systems. Dave talks about a Chevy Malibu he once worked on: it couldn’t start several modules. He talks about how, sometimes, bus issues can be things you would never suspect and how keeping up with learning about these systems and understanding their complexities is necessary if you want to work on cars with these problems.

Ohm’s Law

The electrical system is the perfect place to begin building a foundation for an automotive education. This program takes a complex system and gives you the fundamentals in terms easily understood by students and technicians of all levels.