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Ford Electronic Returnless Fuel Systems

In this tip clip excerpt from the complete Fuel System Testing Strategies class instructor Bill Fulton talks about the Ford Electronic Returnless Fuel systems and how to perform tests on this system using your DSO. He shows us the parameters to watch out for on your scope and how to interpret the info you see.

Lambda Tech Tip

In this tech tip, instructor Bill Fulton gives you a quick modern day tech tip that you don’t see on their scan tool. It’s called Lambda. This is what we call the corrected air-fuel ratio. He discusses Lambda, how it differs from manufacturer to manufacture, and what numbers to look for.

Alternative Load Test Techniques Tip Clip

Instructor Dave Hobbs talks about voltage drop testing issues where the circuit you’re testing doesn’t really have the current flow going through it like it should. It may not be due to the fact you have a big voltage drop from a large resistance source in the wiring or the connections. It could be a couple of problems. It could be the wiring and connections, in addition to a component that’s either inoperative or not drawing enough current as it normally would. In this tip clip we talk about these things and some alternative ‘MacGyver like’ load testing techniques you can try.

Misfire Testing with a Scan Tool Tip Clip

In this tip clip, instructor Jim Wilson talks about P0300 codes and misfire testing using your scan tool. He talks about how you would look at certain things such as RPM, MAP, changes in load, and long term fuel trims. He goes on to mention some things technicians should be aware of on Ford and Chrysler vehicles.

A8 Tech Tip: Two Stage Temp Sensor

Instructor Dave Hobbs gives some insight into something a lot of techs already know about and may just take for granted–two stage temperature sensors. He covers some specifics about the sensors, testing procedures, and how to avoid replacing parts that are good only to find you still have a problem. He also gives some details and insight into the differences in design and wiring of these sensors between the individual manufacturers.

Hybrid A/C Compressor Fuse Tech Tip

In this tip clip, Instructor Dave Hobbs talks about the Hybrid A/C compressor fuse on a Gen 3 Toyota Prius. He provides some hands-on info about how and where to find the fuse. He discusses safety and techniques for properly testing the DC current air conditioning fuse to the DC mini inverter compressor used in late model Toyota and Lexus.

Shorted Motor Gen Tech Tip

In this hybrid tech tip clip instructor Dave Hobbs talks about the hybrid battery disconnects and how important it it for you as a technician to know how to know the procedures to deactivate and shut down hybrid voltage systems in order to safely and efficiently even be able to service other non hybrid systems on a vehicle.

Repair Shop Marketing Tip Clip

In this series of short tip clips from management and service writing instructor George Witt you will learn several quick tips that will help to to better market your shop. George talks about things such as friendliness, cleanliness, reminders, humor, training, and equipment.

Common Functions of the PicoScope Tech Tip

In this tip clip instructor John Thornton will present some ‘need-to-know’ info about some common function found on your PicoScope. John covers things such as vertical scale (number of volts per division), horizontal scale (the base time of the sweep speed), and trigger.

Nickle and Dime Tech Tip

Bosch instructor Bob Pattengale talks about some best practices for inspecting an a/c compressor. Bob goes on to provide some tips on checking the a/c compressor clutch for proper air gap using both the feeler gauge method as well as the ‘nickel and dime’ method.

Chrysler NGC: New Generation Computers

In this tech tip clip instructor Bill Fulton presents some need to know info on the Chrysler NGC PCM’s introduced in 2003. He talks about the fact that there are two different manufacturers for these computers and some issues related to interchangeability.

A5 Brake Components Inspection Tip Clip

Watch this Tip Clip presented by instructor Mark DeKoster with information you need to know if you perform brake service and repairs. Mark shows us and talks about tips to determine if a rotor is acceptable to be turned and resurfaced, how to best prepare a rotor for being turned and best practices for reinstalling the rotor and other brake parts.